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Business & Tourism

Business Holidays

“Hotel da Gigi” is the ideal location for business holidays.

The vicinity of the main highways like the motorway and state highway, the easy connection to the railroad station and airports of Treviso and Venice make the structure ideal for those who travel on business.

The vicinity to the provinces of Treviso, Venice, Protogruaro and Pordenone with their industrial zones makes “Hotel da Gigi” the perfect reference for events like fairs or corporate conventions, and also makes available to business structures a large conference hall, meeting rooms and its excellent facilities for organizing dinners, buffet and working luncheons.



Caorle is a town in the province of Venice, located between the mouth of the Livenza river and that of the Lemene, facing on the Adriatic Sea northeast of the Venetian lagoon, between the resort towns of Eraclea and Bibione.

The Venetian town offers beachgoers over 250 hotels, two wharves for small boats and 18 kilometers of beach (awarded the blue European Clean Beach flag many times), divided into the East Beach and the West Beach, separated by a rocky cliffs.

To the north, the Caorle lagoon is ideal for boat trips amid uncontaminated nature, that so impressed the writer Ernest Hemingway that he wrote about it in his book “Across the River and into the Trees”. Among the valleys and salt marshes are the typical “casone” structures on stilts, used by fishermen during the fishing season.

Caorle is the only town on the Adriatic able to combine a fashionable resort atmosphere with a refined historic center, with its houses painted in bright colors scattered among the canals and around the plazas.

Originally, the whole town was crisscrossed by a network of artificial canals that made it look like a miniature Venice, but most of them have now been covered over (they call them the “Rio terà”). A fisherman’s wharf is located in the center of town, and bears witness to the busy fishing industry and last traces of the canal network on this old island.


Jesolo offers any number of accommodation facilities of various type, often complete with entertainers, and many opportunities for holiday enjoyment. It is famous as a seaside resort and has the honor of possessing the longest beach in Italy (approximately 15 km) between that of Eraclea Mare (near Eraclea) and Cavallino-Treporti.

In the last 20 years of the 20th century the town gradually added more services to match its rapid growth: thanks to the success of its tourist sector, many company linked to hotel supplies, food service, construction and commercial services in general have moved to the area. To a lesser extent, the inland zone of the town contains a variegated assortment of farms.


Venice is the main city in the Veneto Region and northeastern Italy, capital of the eponymous province and of the Veneto Region.

It is a UNESCO Human Heritage Site, located, with many little islands, in the Venetian Lagoon. Historically, it was known as “la Serenissima” or also as “la Dominante”, and for over a thousand years it was the capital of the Republic of Venice.

The city develops on more than a hundred island, connected to one another by many small bridges, and separated by rios and canals. Venice is a city devoted to art in all forms, with many museums and majestic palaces that contain the masterpieces of artists like Tintoretto, Tiepolo, Titian, Veronese, Bellini, Giorgione and many others.

The traditional festivals held every year in Venice attract visitors from all over the world, especially its Carnevale, a mardigras event with ancient origins that transforms piazza San Marco into an exciting stage, embellished with stupendous, refined masquerades, and culminates with the spectacular Flight of the Dove. Other typical festivals are the historic Regatta, the Sensa Festival and the Feast of the Redeemer.